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Abstract Water Macros

What I believe will be my last grainy, shot with flash, black and white ones for awhile – but I suppose that’s left to be determined…

Abstracted close-ups of bath water.

Abstracted water 1

Abstracted water 2

Water 4

Water 5

abstracted water 3

The last 4 make me think of rivers, with land masses throughout. There are mountains in the distance.


17 Responses to “Abstract Water Macros”

  1. Bulldog Travels

    What an absolutely beautiful and interesting idea for a macro shot. I have a beautiful macro lens and now I am inspired to go give it a shot. Seriously stunning photos!


    • Jennifer Nichole Wells

      Thank you! Send me the link if you post some, I’d love to see what you come up with. Fair forwarning – I used my Olympus TG3 on these images, which is a waterproof point and shoot. I’m sure you can get a similar angle without touching the water, but do be careful! :P

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  2. Patrick Jennings

    Mmmmmmm…. Nice.

    The second one I like most. I like following the “shoreline” from left to right, then meandering into the “snowy” foreground before wandering back to this mountains. :)

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