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searchandrescuewoods – Fugue State

An illustration inspired by the stories “I’m a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell” by reddit user searchandrescuewoods.

Fugue State

Source: Part 4


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  1. Raewyn's Photos

    What a scary time. It can happen so easily. Even a group can get lost. I once went with a youth group to the Waitakeries – a native bush park. It started raining hard and we lost our way and we were definitely scared. We did manage to find the right path in the end and walk out several hours overdue. We were cold, wet and hungry. So I have a healthy respect for the wild now

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    • Jennifer Nichole Wells

      I’ve only gotten lost for a couple hours once – me and a friend wandered too far out from a nature preserve, thinking we were still within the bounds. A ranger gave us a ride back to the parking lot. It was burning hot and we were getting a tad panicked up until that point. I’m glad you and your group found the right path. It must have been miserable and quite scary. I’m hoping I have no more experiences where I need to develop more of a respect for the wildness.


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