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Google so thankfully informed me this morning that it’s the 90th anniversary of the first demonstration of television. So, I’m celebrating by posting some of my mini tv images here. Thanks for checking them out and thus celebrating with me. Are you thankful for the invention of television?


Blue Living Room

Blue Living Room




little house

13 Responses to “Television”

  1. nuvofelt

    TV has always been part of my life — but not for the obvious reasons. My great-great uncle worked with John Logie Baird in his TV experiments. Later my father worked for the BBC and then Independent television here in the UK. Life behind the camera became more interesting than life in front, as it were, and to be honest…. that’s how I still feel. ;)


  2. chava61

    I just got my first flat screen TV this month. The older TVs that I have been using (with digital converters) are still good and I am thankful for the invention of TV.


    • Jennifer Nichole Wells

      It’s such an interesting thing, and a very important invention. Yes, I mostly see it as entertainment now, but it does serve an important purpose with the spread of information.



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