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Submissions Due February 26


So many wonderful pieces have been submitted thus far.

Thank you thank you.

For those of you who have not yet submitted, you only have a few days left!

August 28

Remember you can also share your melancholy to twitter or instagram with hashtag #felanmelancholy for a chance to be featured on the blog.

Copy of #felanlove

For more submission information:


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4 Responses to “Submissions Due February 26”

  1. lifelessons

    I did it! Submitted two poems and two photos. Thanks for the information, Jennifer. Unless prodded I never submit things but usually do if friends send links or information. I’m so lazy in this respect. I always think I’d rather spend the time writing…but yes, I know I should. So, thanks for the information. Judy (Is this your magazine?)

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    • Jennifer Nichole Wells

      I’m so glad you submitted. I’m bad about submissions as well. And yes, this is my magazine! It’s not too big yet, but I enjoy producing it and it’s been getting some good reviews :)


      • lifelessons

        How do you have time to do it all? You don’t have to answer that. It is a rhetorical question and you don’t have time to answer it!!!!


        • Jennifer Nichole Wells

          haha I don’t mind answering – considering my answer is…I don’t :P It helps that the magazine is every other month and I can pretty much ignore my inbox for it until the closing of the submission period. Then I forget about everything else while I focus on the magazine for a week or 2. I need to do better promoting it on social media and such, I’ll get there…everything else comes as it can – my blog secret is scheduling posts waaay in advance :P


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