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CYW Month 3 of 4 Wrap-Up


We now have 166 participants! Thank you all for posting your colorful entries and for visiting the posts of others. I’m still behind on visiting each of your posts of course, but I’m trying to make my way around, and what I’ve seen so far is stunning. Thank you thank you.

I know this challenge, the whole post every day for 4 months thing, is absolutely crazy. But, I sincerely hope you’re having fun, and continuing to post whenever you’re able.

Just one more month and all 120 of the colors will be complete!

Check out the challenge home page here, for a list of colors, dates, etc.




15 Responses to “CYW Month 3 of 4 Wrap-Up”

  1. ghostmmnc

    This is such a fun challenge, trying to find things that match the color of the day! Thanks so much for hosting, Jennifer! :)


    • Jennifer Nichole Wells

      yay! And yes. I’ll be posting a poll in the final wrap up to see about possibly changing the format, but color your world with color challenge topics will still very much exist next year!


  2. AYR

    It’s the first time I’ve ever participated in something like this. I think it is great. Look forward to doing more.



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