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MMM- Photographing Miniatures – Shooting a Scene

Part 6 of a 7 part series on photographing miniatures.


Here’s where everything comes together from the past 5 weeks. Buckle in.

PhotographingMiniatures (5)

  1. Set up your props, scenery, etc.
  2. Choose your lighting, including whether you’re shooting inside or outside
  3. Prep your equipment – make sure your camera is charged, grab your tripod (especially if your shooting indoors or in low light), grab the right lens(es)
  4. Get to it! – experiment with varying DOF and POV (depth of field, point of view) until you get the look you want.


Example 1:

  • Photographed indoors
  • Using a table top studio and 1 tabletop studio light , lit from directly above
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i with 100mm USM f2.8 lens
  1. 1/15 f2.8IMG_2059
  2. 1/8 f2.8 IMG_2060
  3. 1/8 f2.8 IMG_2061
  4. 0.4 f7.1 IMG_2062
  5. 0.4 f7.1 IMG_2063
  6. 1/4 f5.6 IMG_2072
  7. 1/4 f5.6 IMG_2073

Final (#6 edited)

stairs tall

Example 2: Video of a quick shoot

If you’d like to see the building of the set that is being photographed in the video above, click here.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be sharing an editing video of the photographs taken during this shoot next week (I’m not very good at this youtube/video thing).

Questions? Leave a comment below.

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