Around the Web – Toy Photographers Blog

If you’re interested in keeping up with me outside of this blog, I have a few links for you today.

I am now an official contributor to the Toy Photographer’s blog! You may have already seen my post on why I do what I do over on their site, but I now have 2 informative posts there as well.

First up, an improved  rewrite of a post originally shared here – The History of Toy Photography.

Then, a look at how to measure success in your creative work and a bit of self-reflection – On Measuring Success. While there, check out Shelly’s follow up post – The dream is free.

And this last one, while not written by me, does include my name. And I am so honored to be listed along side some amazing women toy photographers. Read the full post here.

Make sure to follow along over at Toy Photographers to see my future posts as well as some amazing content by other contributors.

That’s all for now :)


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