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One Word Photo Challenge: Fish

Why did you all not tell me I didn’t post the OWPC on Tuesday!?!owpc logo 2

Part III: People, Places & Things

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with word association, post something that reminds you of the specific word, or something you use the word for, do so. It only has to make sense to you. Have fun and keep on photographing!

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This week’s word is Fish! Don’t forget to check out Color your World as well, posting daily January – April.

To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: Fish”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
  • Tag your post with “One Word Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution
  • Comment here with the link to your post or include a pingback to this post in your response
  • Have fun!

Links to your contribution will be shared on the next week’s post.

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 Click here to see the full challenge details.

Upcoming topics:  Fisheye 4/18, Flash 4/25, Floor 5/2

Here are all the wonderful challenge contributions/mentions from last week. If you don’t see your post on the list, let me know.

And thanks to those of you who have already posted your fish!

24 Responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Fish”

  1. Fish Art from Around the World | Elizabatz Gallery

    […] A shop decorated with metal fish of all sorts in the harbour of Carnlough, a small town on the Coastal Causeway Route of Ireland, UK. Photo exhibit in Siem Reap has the water-themed photos underwater, held down by stones, while fish swim above them.Fish fountain in Glenveagh National Park garden, Ireland.Bizarre plaster sculpture of a fish on a temple roof in Hoi An, Vietnam. This fish pedalling a bicycle was used in older Guinness beer advertising inspired by the saying, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” – not entirely what this had to do with Guinness beer… (Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland) The big fish, a sculpture consisting of mosaic tiles detailing the history of Belfast in Ireland, UK. Statue of an eel fisherman in Volendam, Holland.A bas-relief of a fish marks the sailors’ chapel at Cap Fagnet on the Normandy Coast of France.Glittering fish scale wall in Las Vegas, USA.Fishy kayak at North Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival. Salmon sculptures in La Conner, Washington. Handmade sign with fish at Pankor Island in Malaysia.Mexican folk-art fish painted with a bald mermaid frolicking in the waves, carved out of wood and painted.Last, but not least, one of my weird fishy paintings! More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Fish. […]


  2. Fish for Dinner Around the World | Albatz Travel Adventures

    […] Flying fish sushi, a Japanese treat. Barbecued fish for lunch on the Mekong River in Vietnam. ‘BBQ Fish on a Stick’ being marinated with achiote and butter on the beach at Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Inle Lake fish for lunch (Myanmar).Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas and Tartar Sauce at the Windmill Inn in Loughborough, England. Fabulous Smoked Salmon & Chevre Cheese Salad in Maastricht, Holland. White Asparagus & Smoked Salmon Salad in the Cambrinus in Bruges, Belgium. Italian Days in Vancouver means eating whole grilled sardines. Ceviche at La Fortuna in Costa Rica. Fish for dinner with roasted eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes, garnished with gulas (baby eels) in Madrid, Spain.More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Fish. […]


  3. Fish Markets Around the World | Albatz Travel Adventures

    […] Cutting up a giant tuna at Tokyo’s famous fish market ‘Tsukiji’, Japan. Silvery sheen of dried fish in the Rotterdam Market in Holland. Some scary-looking fish in the Cork Market, Ireland. Dried fish for sale at the weekly market in the village at the end of Inle Lake (Myanmar). BBQ fish in Bangkok’s weekend Chatuchak Market, Thailand. Fish in their own steaming containers at the market in Luang Prabang, Laos. Bringing in the catch from the fishing coracles on Hoi An Beach in Vietnam. When the fish come in a weigh scale and impromptu market is set up. Tuna for sale straight from the fishing boats docked at Steveston wharf. For once the eerie blue glow of that ubiquitous blue tarp actually looks good! More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Fish. […]



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