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This Week’s Challenges: April 30 – May 6 (OWPC)

Hi everyone,

Here’s how I’m going to now be announcing weekly themes! Learn more here.

I hope this new method keeps things running smoothly.

Once you have your submission ready, find it’s URL and copy and past it in a comment below. On next week’s challenge post I’ll share your contribution links!

One Word Photo Challenge: Floor

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with word association, post something that reminds you of the specific word, or something you use the word for, do so. It only has to make sense to you. Have fun and keep on photographing!

Click here to see the full challenge details and future themes.

  • Food – May 7
  • Foreground – May 14
  • Fox – May 21
  • Frame – May 28
  • Friend – June 4
  • Giraffe – June 11
  • Glue – June 18
  • Gorilla – June 25
  • Grain – July 2

Last week’s contributors to Flash:

Just a reminder, Weekly Weather returns next week!

This challenge is all about…you guessed it…the weather. Each Saturday, a new topic begins and you will have until the following Saturday to contribute (but let’s be honest, this is a super open challenge, share whenever you like, as much as you like). Weekly Weather alternates with CYW and therefore takes a break January – April, and runs May – December.

Click here to see the full challenge details and future themes.

  • Wet – May 7
  • Humid – May 14
  • Day – May 21
  • Night – May 28
  • Pick your Own – June 4
  • Sunshower – June 11
  • Halo, Sun Dog or Light Pillar – June 18
  • Drought – June 25
  • Rainbow – July 2


An Adjective + noun prompt generator for all your creative pursuits

As always, if you respond to a topicgenerator prompt your post will get reblogged on or you can even request to be a site author and post away at your leisure. Click through to learn more.

Choose a category then click generate topic and you’re ready to get creating. Request a category to be added here.

28 Responses to “This Week’s Challenges: April 30 – May 6 (OWPC)”

  1. Floors From Around the World | Albatz Travel Adventures

    […] The tiled floor in Ghent’s Belltower (Belgium). Roman mosaic floor at Clunia in Spain – although it’s a lot older than the floor in Ghent’s Belltower, it’s almost in better shape! Cracked floor tiles in Talpa, one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos in the Pacific high sierras. A pigeon on the patterned marble floors of the Baby Taj in Agra, India. Gravestone marker in the floor of the New Church in Delft, Holland. More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Floor. […]


  2. Sabina Ayne

    I’m glad you’re extending Weather! I’ll still be doing Weather on Orange Marmalade Press. My ‘floor’ post will publish tomorrow morning!!

    Liked by 1 person


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