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This Week’s Challenges: December 17 – 23 (OWPC, WW & CYW Announcement)

Color your World 2018 is almost here! Check out the announcement/homepage and get your name on the participant list here:

And, drum roll please, for those of you who remember there being a break in weekly weather during CYW, there won’t be this year! All three challenges will run simultaneously.

One Word Photo Challenge: Macro

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with word association, post something that reminds you of the specific word, or something you use the word for, do so. It only has to make sense to you. Have fun and keep on photographing!

Click here to see the full challenge details and future themes.


  • Macro – Dec. 17
  • Magician – Dec. 24
  • Manatee – Dec. 31
  • Mansion – Jan. 7
  • Manual – Jan. 14
  • Mermaid – Jan. 21
  • Mirror – Jan. 28
  • Monkey – Feb. 4
  • Monster – Feb. 11
  • Moose – Feb. 18
  • Mouse – Feb. 25
  • Movie – Mar. 4
  • Museum – Mar. 11

Last week’s contributors to Lock:

Weekly Weather: Humid

This challenge is all about…you guessed it…the weather. Each Sunday, a new topic begins. Share an image, poem, quote, drawing, etc. of an actual weather event, something that you do during certain weather, how that weather makes you feel – it’s all up to you.

Click here to see the full challenge details and future themes.

  • Humid – Dec. 17
  • Day – Dec. 24
  • Night – Dec. 31
  • Pick your Own – Jan. 7
  • Sunshower – Jan. 14
  • Drought – Jan. 21
  • Rainbow – Jan. 28
  • Clouds – Feb. 4
  • Fog – Feb. 11
  • Hail – Feb. 18
  • Hurricane – Feb. 25
  • Lightning – Mar. 4
  • Rain – Mar. 11

Last week’s contributors to Wet:

20 Responses to “This Week’s Challenges: December 17 – 23 (OWPC, WW & CYW Announcement)”

  1. Macros of Bougainvillea, a Tropical Vine with Bright Papery Flowers | Elizabatz Gallery

    […] These shots were from 2010. My old camera had a lot of trouble focussing on ‘hot’ colours: red and hot pink, resulting in a lot of heavy-duty photoshopping in order to capture the essence of these Bougainvillea. Fast forward to 2017 and I have a new version of the same waterproof Nikon camera. There was still some focussing issues doing a macro of these double red/hot pink flowers.Red remains a problem but I don’t feel the need to photoshop them to death in order to show the flower.This one was almost in focus! I used a radial fill mask to sharpen the flower only, and added blue and cyan in the colour balance to bring out the detail in the shadows. The only thing I don’t like is that I have lost the warm yellow tones that suffuse the photo above with tropical light. More precise editing such as isolating the flower would have fixed that but I was feeling lazy.Ditto the editing on this hot pink number, again with the loss of warmth.Pulling back slightly made the focus was substantially better, although I notice that I still upped the blues substantially to bring out the detail.Once the flowers begin to fade they lose their ‘hotness’ and I could get in super close on these beauties. I love the detailed veining on this papery flower.More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Macro. […]



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