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18 Best Chrome Extensions for Blog & Email Marketing

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So as all of us WordPress users have learned, from the switch from one post editor format to another over the years, Google Chrome extensions can come in clutch and help ease that transition (Tapper monkey in 2015 anyone?).

Well, if you hadn’t noticed already, Chrome extensions can help with so much more than that! From organizing your busy life, reminding you when to post, allowing you to open multiple links at once, giving writing suggestions, tracking your analytics, and the list goes on. Seriously just saving you from so much headache.

I wish I had known about these sooner. There are so many times I’ve forgotten to schedule a post, or I’m researching a post that will require a bunch of citations and references, and extensions like ToDoist, Evernote and Liner would have been so helpful. Also, now that I’ve switched website URLs, I have so many broken blog links, so I’ll leave you to read the below list, while I go use Check My Links!

So, today I bring you 18 Chrome extensions to help you out with your blog, email marketing, and your online life in general as compiled by Lane Harbin of Emma.

1. ToDoist

ToDoist is your ultimate solution for online organization. It integrates well with over ten platforms, allowing you to manage tasks, save items, and collaborate seamlessly from your browser.

best chrome extensions for marketers

Pinterest | Buzzfeed

2. Switcher Extension Manager

You’ll need a way to easily manage all these extensions, right? That’s what Switcher is for.

3. Linkclump

Who has time to open or bookmark one link at a time? Linkclump lets you open, copy, or bookmark multiple links from your search results with one easy effort.

best chrome extensions for marketers

Pinterest | MakeUseOf

4. Bookmark Manager by Papaly

This bookmark manager from Papaly has a beautiful interface for organizing (and actually using) all of those saved links. Plus, you can use it to collaborate.

Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers: Writing and Copy

Make your writing flow smoothly with minimal effort and mistakes.

5. Grammarly

Even if you’re a writing veteran, Grammarly is perfect for avoiding an embarrassing faux pas. Plus, it works for almost any platform, including social media posts.

6. Orwell

Our writing gets stale sometimes. It happens. But Orwell is ideal for freshening things up with composition suggestions and other cool features.

best chrome extensions for marketers

Pinterest | Business2Community

7. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper seamlessly integrates with your Evernote account to save things you see online: link articles, Gmail threads, highlighted text, bookmarks, and more. You can also add your own comments and assign tasks to others.

8. Airstory

If your writing involves a lot of research-heavy material or quotes, you need Airstory in your life. This extension allows you to easily highlight and insert text and citations into your copy.

browser extensions chrome

Medium | Sam Liebl

9. Liner

Do you miss using highlighters in your reading? Well, Liner is for you. You can pick different colors and the highlighted text will reappear every time you open the webpage.

Best Chrome extensions for marketers: analytics

These are the best Chrome extensions for marketers to track analytics and results.

10. Google Page Analytics

How could we write about the best Chrome extensions for marketers without mentioning Google Page Analytics? This is a must-have in 2018 (and maybe always).

11. LiveHive Email Content Tracking & Analytics

LiveHive is the perfect extension for tracking and optimizing your email communications–especially for anything relating to sales–with templates, analytics, sequencing, and automated responses.

browser extensions chrome

Best Chrome extensions for marketers: SEO

Level-up your SEO game with these extensions.

12. Keywords Everywhere

The name says it all: Keywords Everywhere lets you browse search volume and other data across multiple websites, all from the extension.

13. Check My Links

Who has time to sort through every website they manage and track broken links? That’s exactly what Check My Links is for: it does the work, so you don’t have to.

browser extensions chrome

Pinterest | BrandThunder

Best Chrome extensions for marketers: social media

Simplify your social media marketing efforts with these extensions.

14. Momentum

Momentum allows you to customize your new tab page with social media widgets. This allows you to schedule your posts quickly and easily.

get more extensions - social media chrome extension

Pinterest | Zapier

15. RiteTag Social Media Optimizer

Hashtags are a perfect way to get your brand seen, but it’s difficult to know which ones are trending. RiteTag can eliminate the guesswork with hashtag suggestions across multiple platforms.

social media chrome extension

Pinterest | DigitalBrandingInstitute

16. Buzzsumo

Content marketing giant Buzzsumo offers one of the best Chrome extensions for marketers to track social shares, analytics, and other information from every page you visit.

SEO Chrome extensions

Pinterest | Social Media Examiner

Best Chrome extensions for marketers: design and images

These are the best Chrome extensions for marketers, especially those who need help with design and images.

17. Nimbus

Screenshotting is rough on every device. There are plenty of limitations when screenshotting, but Nimbus makes it easy to capture full-page screenshots, sections, and even add watermarks.

best chrome extensions for marketers

Pinterest | Bergman.udl.blogspot

18. Colorzilla

Do you miss the eyedropper in MS Paint that allowed you to grab any color you want from an image? That’s what Colorzilla is, only for the entire internet.

best chrome extensions for marketers

Pinterest | FreeTechForTeachers

Wrap up

Spending hours a day on the internet doesn’t have to be a headache, especially once you’ve streamlined your processes. These Chrome extensions are the perfect solution to keep your life as stress-free as possible and optimize your productivity.

What Chrome extensions would you add to this list? And let me know which ones here you end up adding to your online routine.

For more marketing help, make sure to check out Emma’s email marketing platform and resources! Discover more Chrome extensions here.

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