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1:12 Scale Dollhouse Clothing

I’ve been photographing my 5 inch tall Body Chan doll for some time. Her smooth, bare, plastic body was precisely what I wanted for the photos I envisioned with her. Her grey plastic nudity seemed to offend some poeple however and I got numerous messages about dressing her. I did not buy her any clothing.

However, now I have a new 1:12 scale doll in tow. She is detailed and has realistic features. While I do plan to take some nude photos of her, I do think she needs a small amount of clothing to draw from as well.

Hence, the voracious search for size appropriate clothing began, and I’m going to share that new found knowledge with you.

Wanting to buy in store? Well unless you have a dollhouse store around, which I do not, you’re not going to have a lot of luck.

Hobby Lobby has a dollhouse section where you can buy pre-dressed dolls to borrow the clothing from, Target has a line called Lori dolls which are chunky 1:12 scale dolls, clothing and accessories. Some of these pieces will work with more traditionally sized dollhouse dolls. Walmart has similar dolls, the smaller scale My Life dolls, but they do not have separately sold accessories. Occasionally you can also get away with Barbie’s little sister Kelly/Chelsea clothing and the clothing of off brand dolls of the same size.

Online is your better bet, but the options are still too limited for my liking and prices range from a couple dollars to hundreds.

The most common sense choice is a dollhouse retailer like or dollhouse heaven (with the latter having a better selection). These clothes are detailed and quite realistic, but be aware that some are only made for display and will not actually go on a doll.

AmiAmi, a Japanese, anime based online toy store sells a variety of clothing for Picco Nemo dolls. These dolls are ever so slightly shorter, wider and have much larger heads than traditional 1:12 scale dolls. Some of the clothing will work however, just choose sparingly – no hats, hoods, non stretch pants, etc.

Etsy of course has hand made selections ranging from the novice to artisan. Because of this prices can potentially run quite high, but you may find just what you’re looking for all the same.

You can also turn to online marketplaces like ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress and Wish.

Simply search ‘1/12 clothing’ or ‘1:12 clothes’ or something similar and you will get a good selection. Aliexpress has tons of listing for OB11 clothing. These dolls are also shorter, wider and have larger heads than traditional dollhouse dolls, but much of the clothes will work all the same. All of these marketplaces do have inconsistent listings, with not to scale items being tagged wrongly, so read carefully before purchasing.

And that’s all I have on the topic for now. I’ll let you in on the clothing I end up getting and the photos I take with it ASAP (I have way too many for potential purchase in my Aliexpress cart – if someone wants to sponsor a doll clothing review instead hit me up, lol).

Until then, let me know your thoughts and suggestions in a comment below!

Bayard Antique Villages, Jacksonville, FL

My mom and I finally went to check out the Bayard Antique Village last week. While we only recently became aware of it, the location itself has existed since 1949.

US 1 was the main North/South travel road of the area. The formerly named Beautyrest Cabins provided a nice place to stay while en route. They were a popular honeymoon spot.

After I-95 was built, the location wasn’t nearly as popular and was converted to an auction site in 1967. It was at this time that the large central barn was built on the premises.

The cabins on the perimeter were later converted to independent shops, forming what is now the antique village.

No doubt the place is cute, and all the shop owners are beyond nice. Whether I should admit it or not, my favorite part was the variety of cats, kindly cared for by the shop owners. It was a bit of a hunt to find and photograph as many cats possible. The black cat you’ll see pictured below was not happy he wasn’t getting his wet food 2 hours ahead of schedule.

Perusing the shops and barn, you’ll find hand made paintings, jewelry, soap, lotion, and chalk paint, hand painted furniture, Christmas goods, books, Skylanders and other plastic toys, Beanie Babies, Breyer horses, Schleich figures, and a variety of other collectible, decorative and vintage pieces. I of course imagine as well that these items are regularly circulated, with always something new to find.

Click on an image to see it larger and in a carousel view.

What antiques have you gone hunting for lately?

Bayard Antique Villages – 12561 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32256

D.C. in Miniature

Back in December I visited Washington D.C. for the first time ever. The weather was dreary, but I was determined to get some #bigstufflittlestuff images while there, a continuation of my Italy Souvenirs series if you will where I took images of mini monuments in front of their full scale counterparts, the souvenir remaining in focus, while the real, the memory, fades in the background.

Here’s what I was able to come up with in the few days there with some pencil sharpener monuments purchased from a D.C. gift shop.

Miniature Marvels at the St. Augustine Art Association

There’s a new miniature show that just opened, and it just so happens to be local to me, and have one of my pieces in it!

I found out about the Miniature Marvels show on Sunday, February 24th and immediately got an idea for it. I’m typically pretty against creating new work for shows, but was passionate about making this particular piece. I’ve never felt I could just print photos small for a miniature based show, and am not a miniaturist per say, so I just don’t enter them. This idea however allowed me to combine actual tangible miniatures with my miniature diorama photography.

The only problem was that pieces had to physically be turned in, no later than 4 pm on Wednesday, February 27th. So with the quickest turn around ever I got to work, making ‘ a miniature gallery of photos of miniatures.’

The frames are hand made with polymer clay, and surround 1 to 2 inch wide prints of my photos created over the past 6 years or so. In a sense it’s my miniature portfolio. I arranged everything in a shadow box, with some pieces resting on a dollhouse scale wooden floor waiting to be hung.

I’m pretty happy with the piece over all (although with more time I would have changed a thing or two), and it got into the show! I have some ideas to make similar pieces even better in the future, but they may not work for a show where the pieces have to be 12×12 inches or smaller, so we’ll see where I go with this concept. Now fingers crossed it sells :P

The opening on Friday, March 1 during St. Augustine Art Walk was packed! Awards were being presented for both the miniature show and student show and I’d venture to say close to 500 people were there.

The miniature show will be on view through March 31, so if you’re in the area, definitely go check it out!

Here are some more images of pieces within the show, but don’t worry, there are still a ton more to see if you go. [click on an image to view it larger in a carousel view]

If you do go, let me know your thoughts!

St. Augustine Art Association – 22 Marine St, St. Augustine, FL 32084

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The Numerous Wonders of a Tiny Building

There’s a toy store at our local flea market. It holds a collection of opened and sealed toys, new and old, plaything and collectible. My fiance (oh yeah, I’m engaged now!) collects action figures from time to time, I photograph toys and miniatures, so between the two of us we’ve bought a good bit of items from here.

A few months ago the shop owner stocked some HO scale items – figures, vehicles and buildings. There was a warehouse I admired from the start – very detailed with so many interior pieces. I learned that it had been the store owners father’s. He hand built and painted the building and interior pieces. I wasn’t prepared to drop the cash on it, but admired it at each visit.

This last time around, my fiance snuck off and bought it for me.

The piece has so much sentimental value for the shop owner, and I want to do it justice by telling the story the builder had laid out. So, for the first round of shooting I photographed it precisely as is, lighting it from the outside, giving it a nighttime vibe. It has internal wired lights, so for the next round I plan to get those on. Sometime around I’ll also add my own figures in certain windows etc.

Click on an image below to view it larger in a gallery carousel.

The Ultimate List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (50+ U.S. Locations)

Welcome! I hope you’ll find this list of mini wonders useful. Each museum and permanent miniature display is listed by state. If you don’t see your state listed, it’s because I was unable to find information on any miniature display locations in your area. Know of one? Let me know!

Clicking the name of the site will take you to the official webpage, clicking the camera icon will take you to a blog post of mine with notes and photos.





















New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


  • Thorn Rooms, Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, Tennessee




Washinton, D.C.


Want an International list ( I may already have one in the works)? Have something to add or should something be removed? Let me know in a comment below!

20+ Toy & Miniature Books for a complete mini fix

Like reading about toy photography, toys, miniatures and anything in between? Well here’s a list of books just for you.

Know of one that should be here but isn’t? Comment below and I’ll continue to update the list! Is there one here that you think shouldn’t be here? Let me know that too! I’ve read a lot of these, but not all of them.

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8 Most Famous Dollhouses of 2018

While 2018 is still fresh in our minds, let’s celebrate its famous tiny houses.

8. The Handmaid’s Tale

While we only get a small glimpse of this dollhouse, it comes to represent a small piece of innocence, in a world that has none.

7. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This black dollhouse is perfect for an up and coming witch!

6. Ariana Grande’s thank, u next music video

The music video for ‘thank u, next’ is filled with rom com nods, this one is of course a call back to the handmade dollhouse of ’13 Going on 30.’

5. Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Hearth and Hand with Magnolia

The HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines’ released 2 Target exclusive dollhouses as part of their home goods line. One received extra notoriety with a mom, after having purchased one for her daughter, also got one for herself and decorated it to the nines.

4. Welcome to Marwen

While not fully a dollhouse, the miniature bar in Welcome to Marwen is an absolute marvel.

3. The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist is PBS special, based on a novel, based on a real cabinet house. Here, the miniature house and the mysterious miniaturist help the main character find her place in her new world.

2. Sharp Objects

The dark mystery of the Sharp Objects dollhouse is one that will keep you guessing, and know it or not throughout, is such a huge part of the story.

1. Hereditary

Finally, the dollhouses and miniature scenes of Hereditary make it to the top of this list. The main character, a miniaturist, makes sense of her world, and processes her immense grief, through immaculately detailed miniature scenes.

Which famous dollhouse of 2018 is your favorite? Are there any I left out?