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Maine Lighthouses

As some of you know, I recently spent a couple weeks with work in Portland Maine. Very surprisingly, we had a free afternoon during our second week in town and a coworker and I went out to visit 3 of the local lighthouses with that spare time – The Portland Headlight, the Bug Light and the Spring Point Ledge Light. And without further ado, I wanted to share those images I took while there with you.

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Barbie’s 60th Anniversary

Mattel’s infamous Barbie doll celebrated her 60th anniversary on March 9, 2019. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures even threw her a birthday bash. And of course Mattel celebrated as well.

Back in December I discovered mine and my sister’s 40th anniversary Barbie’s, we were gifted by my grandmother 20 years ago now, in my parent’s attic. We weren’t allowed to open them at the time, but after double checking their value ($28 on ebay) I brought mine home, freed her from her constraints and swore to give her the photo shoot she deserves.

Her 60th birthday felt like the perfect time.

That said, I didn’t get to that photo shoot until late March, but at least she could breathe some fresh air until then :P

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Ron’s Miniature Shop, Orlando, FL

Ron’s Miniature Shop went viral maybe 7 months ago now, with no online presence whatsoever. But with less and less shops like this existing, word of mouth gets them all the advertisement they need.

Ron’s Miniature Shop has been a staple of Orlando since 1989 and is still going strong.

I was in Lakeland for work and noticed that Ron’s Miniature Shop was going to be almost precisely on my way home to Jacksonville, so of course I had to stop by. And I wasn’t disappointed.

From artisan/collectible to mass produced, you can find absolutely everything you need for your 1:12, 1:24 or 1:48 dollhouses and fairy gardens. Furniture for every room – wood, plaster, etc, plastic and porcelain dolls, dollhouse kits and finishings, and every accessory you can imagine.

There’s a workshop in the back where you can see the staff working on various mini projects, and speaking of the staff, they’re beyond helpful and kind.

I got a couple things for photos, and a couple things I just couldn’t resist, and managed to make it out spending only about $45. Trust me, it could have been a lot worse. But you truly can find items that fit any budget, Accessories I picked up to look at ranged from $2 to $65.

They even have tiny mugs with names on them! I got one for my sister – currently on sale for $2.

Click on an image to see it larger/ in a carousel view.

Sweater and pants set – $11.50, Violin $12, Doll $3.50, Tiny Furniture (2 chairs and a table) $9.95, Mugs $2 each, Shoes $2.95

Have you been to Ron’s Miniature Shop or a similar store? Would you like to? Tell me a bout it in a comment below.

Ron’s Miniature Shop – 751 W. Colonial, Orlando, FL 32804

The Clearing

Iridescent Christmas village snow, Victorian style porcelain dollhouse dolls and decorative mantle deer and glitter trees. With these I aimed to make some dreamy forest scapes and I think I accomplished just that.

While I typically disassemble my temporary dioramas after I’ve achieved the desired photos, this one I’ve left in tact as I have another image or two planned with a new doll that should be shipping to me shortly. Stay tuned.

Vintage Polly Pocket Tour

I recently dug into my old 1990s Polly Pocket stash. They’re back in stores these days, albeit with a very different look, and it was time to sift through my own collection.

I’m definitely missing some of the figures or a building to go with certain figures etc. I matched up what I could however, of both my branded and off brand sets and then subjected some to a photo shoot.

Let me know what you think and if these bring back any nostalgia for you!

The sets:

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The Photos:

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I also bought a new style $5 set from a grocery store on a recent work trip. Not as cool I don’t think, but the tiny dog got me.

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D.C. in Miniature

Back in December I visited Washington D.C. for the first time ever. The weather was dreary, but I was determined to get some #bigstufflittlestuff images while there, a continuation of my Italy Souvenirs series if you will where I took images of mini monuments in front of their full scale counterparts, the souvenir remaining in focus, while the real, the memory, fades in the background.

Here’s what I was able to come up with in the few days there with some pencil sharpener monuments purchased from a D.C. gift shop.

The Numerous Wonders of a Tiny Building

There’s a toy store at our local flea market. It holds a collection of opened and sealed toys, new and old, plaything and collectible. My fiance (oh yeah, I’m engaged now!) collects action figures from time to time, I photograph toys and miniatures, so between the two of us we’ve bought a good bit of items from here.

A few months ago the shop owner stocked some HO scale items – figures, vehicles and buildings. There was a warehouse I admired from the start – very detailed with so many interior pieces. I learned that it had been the store owners father’s. He hand built and painted the building and interior pieces. I wasn’t prepared to drop the cash on it, but admired it at each visit.

This last time around, my fiance snuck off and bought it for me.

The piece has so much sentimental value for the shop owner, and I want to do it justice by telling the story the builder had laid out. So, for the first round of shooting I photographed it precisely as is, lighting it from the outside, giving it a nighttime vibe. It has internal wired lights, so for the next round I plan to get those on. Sometime around I’ll also add my own figures in certain windows etc.

Click on an image below to view it larger in a gallery carousel.